What are the Select 60 Player Rankings?

Select 60 Player Rankings FAQ
Select 60 Player Rankings FAQ

The Select 60 Player Rankings are a list published by Got’Em Baseball highlighting Northern California’s top baseball players. The Select 60 is an exclusive club and being featured on the Select 60 is acknowledgement that you in fact are a serious baller and among the best in Northern California.

What are the ages of players on the Select 60?

The Select 60 highlights players between the ages of 10U – 18U.  That being said we are in the process of doing all rankings based on grade also. We believe a players rank by their grade is far more important than a players rank by age.  The reason being is once players enter high school no one really cares what their age is. In high school you are compared to your peers in your class or grade and not by age.  Being as such we feel it is important to start comparing players to their class peers and not their age peers.  We will still do Select 60 Player Rankings by age but we will be making a transition to go 100% grade based by 2016.

What do I get for being recognized on the Got’Em Baseball Select 60?

Besides getting an electronic pat on the back all players listed on our Select 60 will have the first opportunity to compete and attend future Got’Em Baseball events. Invitations for the Kings of the Code, Future Prospects Camp, College Development Camp and our Summer College Development teams are all based on our Select 60 Player Rankings.

Do your Select 60 Player Rankings really matter?

To muddy the water a bit I will answer yes and no. People often discredit our rankings and we are fine with that because we understand their concerns. The common argument is it doesn’t matter what a player does when he is 12 it matters what a player does when the are 16-18. While I 100% agree with that sentiment I have a hard time accepting our player rankings do not matter.  The reality is everything matters.  For some guys their brightest moments playing baseball will be when they are 10-12. So whats wrong with acknowledging a players success? I say nothing.  Our Select 60 acknowledges and rewards players and families hard work and dedication with a little pub.  The fact is players and parents do care and since they do care I think it is ignorant for any coach or parent to discredit the rankings. The main thing is to keep it all in prospective.

How accurate are the Select 60 Player Rankings?

No ranking system is 100% accurate. All rankings regardless of data science are still opinion based to a certain extent. From the very beginning we realized our Select 60 Player rankings were way too arbitrary.  It was basically the opinion of a very few and we had a small sample of data to back up our rankings.  While we maintain that the previous rankings were good we accepted they werent 100% accurate.  Truth be told the Select 60 Rankings will never be 100% accurate but we felt it was important for us to have hard numbers that would help justify a players ranking.

Our goal is to provide our community with the most accurate rankings possible and along the way help players pin point their strengths and weaknesses.  What we have determined to be the best possible method of doing just that was to test our athletes based on the ‘Five Tools’ of baseball. By running our athletes through a series of tests we are able to gage a players ability and will be able to rank players based on their tool set.  While the testing fails to encompass game sticktudiveness and the gamer mentality it does provide us with a solid base for which athletes are able to compare themselves with their peers.

We have developed a evaluation system that will allow parents, players and ourselves to gage a players ability and a baseline for where the athletes stack up regionally and nationally.  We will run athletes through a series of 6-8 stations and players will be graded out.  Players will receive written documentation of their results and we will be be able to use the data collected to provide accurate Select 60 Players Rankings.

Who is evaluating the players?

While at our evaluations players will be tested in multiple areas. All non opinion based information will be captured and input at the event. For example 60 times, velocity, pop times are all electronically captured and input on the spot.  For all areas that are opinion based (foot work, range, glovework, mechanics and the such) will be evaluated by a current MLB scout within 48 hrs of the event.  We are able to do this by capturing video of all players.  That video will be reviewed by one of our scouts and then be given a grade.  Doing evaluations in this manner mean players will have to wait 48 hours before receiving their evaluations but it guarantees us the most accurate opinion based grades.

What will players receive by attending a Select 60 Evaluation?

All Players will receive a evaluation form like such Got Em Baseball Sample Eval.

Are players required to attend an Select 60 Evaluation to be ranked?

Short answer is no.  That being said we encourage all players to attend at least one evaluation session per year. These evaluations will help us provide more accurate rankings and will also allow players and parents to pin point strengths and weaknesses. Also by competing in our evaluations players will have the ability to see how they stack up to their peers. In the days ahead we release a full schedule of evaluation dates. We are hosting a FREE Select 60 Evaluation this weekend. If interested in attending CLICK HERE and register

Should my High School Athlete attend a Select 60 Evaluation?

100% yes.

Why should my High School athlete attend?

Without dislocating our shoulder by patting ourselves on the back we will just say MANY colleges are interested in our data.  Basically the system we have built allows us to present hard data on players to college recruiters.  Schools have come to trust Got’Em Baseball and they know the measures we have put in place to collect accurate data can be trusted.

Will Got’Em Baseball offer Select 60 team evaluations?

Yes. Details will be posted soon regarding team evaluations.

When will the first Select 60 Player Rankings be published?

April 1, 2015.

How often do you update the Select 60 Player Rankings?

April, June, August and Feb.

What if I cannot attend a Select 60 Player Evaluation?

Hopefully that is not the case but if it is please fill out a Select 60 Player Nomination form by clicking HERE